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The Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust, a group of volunteer residents, now run the village hall on behalf of the community. For more details about the Trust, go to 'The Trust' page on this site.

11th April 2018 - Hall Heating update

The engineers came today to install a new heat exchanger in the boiler and have left us with a working boiler and heat in the Village Hall. This, we sincerely hope is the last phase in the programme of works needed to get the heating system back in a fully reliable state. We have two maintenance issues that we have to keep an eye on but these are items we can plan around and shouldn't affect the reliability of the system here on in. Thank you to all of you that use the Village Hall for your patience and understanding through this cold Winter. - The Village Hall Management Team

29th March 2018 - Hall Heating update

Yesterday (28th) the boiler manufacturer sent their most experienced engineer to diagnose the outstanding issue/issues with the boiler. All other heating issues are resolved so that if we can get the boiler working reliably we should have a good effective heating system with a working heat management system.

However, the news on the boiler was about as bad as it gets. The source of our problem is a cracked heat exchanger. The boiler is no longer manufactured so we have to wait a couple of days to see if the manufacturer can set the mould up to make us a new unit. If they can it's likely to take a few weeks for us get the unit and then it will take a couple of engineers to remove the old unit and install a new one. This means that for the next few weeks the heating at the village hall will be turned off.

We can keep the Community Room fairly cosy with a domestic heater, the Main Hall is a bit more challenging. We're looking at the value and risks associated with placing a few hired blower heaters in the hall to take the chill off the air so that the dance, exercise, higher activity and sports oriented hires of the hall can continue. The challenge we may not be able to meet is keeping the Main Hall warm enough for meetings and activities that need a warmer environment, we need a bit of luck here and a warmer spell of weather so lets hope we're moving into a warm Spring.

We'll post again when we have firmer dates and times for the completion of the work. I'd just reiterate that now that we're past the days of freezing temperatures we are keeping the Community Room warm, it's the Main Hall that's affected.

It does not affect the Easter Egg Hunt this weekend when the doors would be open anyway and the children are dressed for the outside.

2nd March 2018 - Hall Heating

For some time now we have been dealing with issues with the Village Hall heating system. This is a complex system and has taken a number of months and experts to get to THE point of understanding how to remedy the problems.

We have kept the system limping along by installing remote monitoring and resetting the system every time we saw a major temperature drop. One of the reasons for the delay in repair is the time it takes to get some of the specialist parts.

We had arranged for a boiler engineer with a new, programmed, processor board for Monday morning 5th March at 9am. And on Tuesday we have a specialist underfloor heating engineer coming to flush the whole system and rebalance IT. This was already arranged before today when our boiler processor has finally given up the ghost. This means we will have no heating at the hall until, at best, Monday morning.

If the problem is unrelated to the known errors, we will at least have the engineer on site to diagnose any other issues. If you were going to a party or event over the next few days, please accept our apologies for the cancelation of your local event at probably the worst time, when local events are so important to us all.

25 January 2018

StarChip Enterprise in Worcestershire, has today (25 January) been crowned the UK’s best mobile fish and chip business, as part of the 30th anniversary National Fish and Chip Awards, organised by Seafish.

The shop scooped the Best Mobile Fish and Chip Operator Award, during a prestigious awards ceremony, which is widely considered as the ‘Oscars’ of the fish and chip industry, at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

To secure the top spot, StarChip Enterprise had to fry at the top of their game and have been appraised across a wide range of judging criteria, including sustainable sourcing policies, staff training processes and marketing activities, as well as receiving mystery dining inspections.

Commenting on their award win after receiving the distinguished trophy from awards host, Nigel Barden, voice of food and drink on BBC Radio 2, Jeff Warren, Director and Proprietor of StarChip Enterprise, said: “These are the most prestigious awards in our industry and we are honoured to be recognised yet again for all our hard work, dedication and passion. Having been shortlisted before and winning this award in 2016, it’s a fantastic feeling to be taking home the crown once again.

“We continually work to champion fish and chips to make sure that they stay the number one takeaway choice in local towns and villages, and at festivals and events throughout the UK.”

Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish, added: “We’ve seen a rise in the number of mobile fish and chip units touring the country in response to a growing demand for ‘street food’. As fish and chips have captured the hearts of the British public since the mid-19th century, it’s no surprise that fish and chips vans are one of the most popular types of mobile catering options – the dish is our nation’s favourite takeaway after all.

“Juggling the demands of a mobile business can be a challenging task, but StarChip Enterprise show true leadership and a great deal of passion to succeed. Their desire to ensure that families in rural communities have access to and can enjoy fish and chips is inspiring. I hope other mobile businesses are encouraged to follow their exemplary lead.”

Award sponsor Lindsay Filmer, Head of Marketing at Pukka Pies Limited, commented: “Every single day in the UK, mobile fish and chip shops provide hungry Brits with hearty, wholesome meals that are quick and easy to sink their teeth into. Delicious, convenient comfort food is something we pride ourselves on here at Pukka Pies, and we are proud to sponsor an award that recognises the game changers in this ever-growing and evolving industry.

“I’d like to congratulate StarChip Enterprise for demonstrating innovation in their menus, quirky chippy styles and excellent customer service.”

For more information visit www.fishandchipawards.com or follow @FishNChipAwards #FishNChipAwards

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